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Birthdate:Feb 6
Location:United States of America
The Friends Only journal of a certain Mrs. Amanda. I rarely add new people, but if you beg really hard I may consider it. ;)

I found the love of my life while at grad school! :) I got married in May of 2009!

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I am:

20-something years old, and was born in Alabama, but moved to Virginia when I was 11. I was there for 12 years. After graduating from Virginia Tech, with honors! =D, I took a year off to travel the world. Or just the USA. That year I lived in 6 states before settling down, back at school. I recently got a Masters degree in Library and Information Science from Wayne State University. :)

I'm a Christian, librarian, alumna with a B.A. in Communication, chef, sister-of-4, and friend of many. I love laughing, reading, writing (or at least typing!) traveling, movies, music, sarcasm, football, chocolate, raspberries and a whole bunch of other things.
I have children, but only the 4 legged kind. Logan, a fluffy black kitty, was born in May of 2007. Garfield was born the summer of 2009 and is named after the cat I got when I was 11 years old. My first Garfield died in spring of 2009, so I got another one! My husband has promised me that we will always have an orange cat named Garfield. :)

Friends Only: For basic info about me, click here

Because I'm so wretched at coming up with a good user info page, I asked some friends to write it for me. Here's what they said:

Manda doesn't like writing about herself, and I completely relate; I always feel like I'm writing the label of a pickle bottle: Buy me, I'm extra crunchy, extra sweet! But since I'm a friend, I can tell you how fantastic she is.

She is funny, she is sarcastic; she is tough, but she can be blue; she likes cats, she is independent; she avoids controversy, she loves peace. Tease her, but not too much, love her, but not too close. She is a college student, navigating rather rough waters both at school and at home. She is very smart; she can laugh at herself.

She loves God.
- [info]the_storygirl

She roots for Auburn (but don't hold it against her). ;P -[info]farsidecow (Who is just upset 'cause my Tigers beat his Elephants every year. I mean, really, what kind of a mascot is an elephant?! Puleeze.)

Amanda is not as I thought. -[info]moredetails

Amanda is a little mysterious, a lot generous, and an all-around sincere, genuine, and caring person. Definitely one of the all-time best additions to my friends list. -[info]my_everafter

M-marriage minded (not)
N-notorious :)
A-a great sense of humor. <-yeah, that doesn't count, but I had to get it in!

Amanda is one of the most fun (and sweet) people you will ever meet. Any time spent around her is full of laughter and you miss her when she is gone. -[info]catatinan_maid

Amanda is a sweet, thoughtful individual; she describes herself as spirited, and I have to agree! ;) I truly enjoy reading Amanda's posts, and am glad to have her on my friends list at long last. -[info]zonneschijn

Virginia Tech: 4/16/07

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